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Yol Makina is the Turkish partner of Borum Industri A/S of Denmark. Borum produces high quality, medium and large scale road marking and additional equipment for horizontal traffic signalisation.


Borum City

Borum City road marking machines are specially developed for line marking in the city and in connection with minor highway jobs. The compact design of the self-propelled machines allows them to manouevre smoothly in city centres without any significant interruption to the traffic.

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Borum Highway

Although Borum Highway machines are designed with highway road marking in mind, they offer the perfect solution to road marking jobs that also involve major work in urban areas. The capacities of the self-propelled machines are higher than those of Borum City and also feature the possibility of higher application speed.

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Borum Motorway

The Borum Motorway range provide you with a variety of high capacity road marking machines that – just like all other Borum solutions – guarantee that the job you do is one to be proud of. Allowing tank capacity of up to 500 litres or two tanks of 440 litres each, the Borum Motorway machines ensure efficient and unbroken work flows for mile after mile. The selfpropelled machines are equally suitable for highways and motorways.

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Borum MegaRoad

In countries or regions with great distances between the populated areas, Borum MegaRoad offers the perfect truck-based solution. These tough machines can be equipped with a variety of features, e.g. tanks contaning up to 3,000 litres of paint, and with a maximum application speed of 30 km/h, they are among the most efficient on the market. Borum MegaRoad is also ideal in connection with major highway road marking or motorway work where capacity is a priority.

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Additional Products

In addition to well recognized Borum Machines, we offer an extensive range of additional products and accessories that will contribute to making your job as easy as possible - and to ensure a perfect result.



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